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  1. wolf hound deer hound boxer touch american bull dog touch bull terrier hint of saluki some mastiff dogo and what ever is in bloom bros rip dog Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I537 using Tapatalk nice mix looks to be a nice style hound cheers,,,,my main dog is genuine bullarab, 2nd is arab pit stag x bully Dane and 3rd is 3/4 arab 1/4 pit..
  2. yeh sorry meant wots its breeding mate ? Nice looking hound,,,
  3. wots that white dog called nuts,,,,nice looking hound..
  4. where is cacti he been quiet....
  5. tri tronics,,,, big leash, dt systems ... yeh u should b able to breake him.
  6. how them northern hounds going in the southern hills
  7. hi pete u not gona like the pig numbers nothing like nq interested to c how the dogs go down south
  8. new to this tehcnology keen on anything to do with hunting im a commercial shooter but dogn pigs is what i live for i live and hunt in the southern mountains use allrounder type dogs
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