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By using these forums, you also agree to and accept the following rules, guidelines and policies:

1. No Racism, Threats, Personal Attacks, Victimization or Hateful posts. If you can't have a discussion without resorting to attacking the other person, then don't post. Occasionally discussions may become heated, so if you find it hard to agree to disagree or keeping your emotions in check, take time out and go away to cool off. Any thread that descends into a slanging match may result in all participants being banned. If you think a member has crossed the line, report the post (by clicking the report button above the post) rather than responding to them.

2. Flaming, instigating "flame bait" or mocking of members in forum posts is not tolerated.
Members that reply to posts simply to instigate argument may be banned.

3. Don't post material which is knowingly false or defamatory, or violates a person's privacy.
Never 'name names' or post the personal details of others. If we discover someone has done this, we will do whatever we can to identify you to the 'victim' and you will be removed from the forum.

4. Keep personal disputes off the board. If you have a personal dispute with someone, keep it off the forum. We don't want to know about it. (Usually we will only get your side of it and as we all know, there is your side, their side and the truth). No forming a lynch mob to persecute another member.

5. Ignore people who 'get up your nose'.
A forum is a community with people of all ages and backgrounds. If you stick around long enough, sooner or later you are going to encounter people who annoy you for one reason or another. Rise above it and make use of the ignore facility on the board to ignore or block posts by that member.

6. No obscene/pornographic posts or graphics (including jokes).
This board is visited by people of all ages, so please keep that in mind when posting. There are plenty of adult sites on the web if that interests you.

7. Please think of any possible consequences before posting – be humane, legal and ethical at all times.
OzzieDoggers has no obligation whatsoever to remove any post you place on this forum or any information you post about yourself so please think carefully about any possible consequences before posting. You can however request to remove any material at any time by contacting a Moderator or Admin.

8. OzzieDoggers requires that members respect the decision of Moderators and Admin.
Threads and posts questioning the actions or decisions of forum moderators or any abuse directed at moderators will be deleted on sight, and the appropriate action taken. However, as a member you reserve the right to PM or email the administrator (Aushunter) regarding action taken against you by a moderator.

9. Classifieds are provided for members to post For Sale, Giveaway or Wanted ads in relation to puppies, dogs and one off second hand hunting products. OzzieDoggers does not vouch for any member or business and cannot be held accountable for any disputed transaction. Members seen to be acting as a business by frequently posting new products or services see rule 10. 

10. Business Members and Promotional Messages
OzzieDoggers provide Business memberships for clubs, organisations, breeders and businesses to promote their services and products to our hunting community. You will need to be a business member to post any advertising or promotional type posts and will only be allowed to in the relevant sections. Any members that promote in other sections will be asked to take a business membership and repeat offenders who refuse will be banned. Any business found constantly spamming our members through the PM system will also be banned.

11. Business Members using our Facebook group
Whilst we will do our best to uphold these ethics and Facebook's community standards within our Facebook group we cannot guarantee that the group will not be closed down by Facebook. In this instance we will not refund any Business membership monies but utilise alternative OzzieDoggers promotional channels for your business.

12. These rules are subject to change and you agree that OzzieDoggers reserves the right to amend and change these rules to protect the interests of the business and to uphold a positive reputation for Australian hunters and doggers.

OzzieDoggers Community Standards - Photo and video content

OzzieDoggers does not condone any cruelty to any animal – It is the job of an ethical hunter to despatch (kill) the hunted animal as quickly and humanely as possible. 

1. Think about what you post… we want to promote a positive image for hunters using dogs in Australia
2. Think about how you take the picture – spend another minute on dispatched game preparing the shot to produce a more respectable trophy style photo.
2. Lugging shots - Two dogs lugging, plus bailers or pups barking (if used)
3. Lugging shots - No oversized dogs on smaller pigs
4. Lugging shots - Holding dogs are not permitted to be used in some states in Australia. Know the law for you.
5. Lugging shots - Ensure that animals are dispatched quickly and not subjected to unnecessary pain
6. No pictures of Animal Cruelty, Mistreatment, Abuse, Negligence towards ANY ANIMAL.
7. No pictures of seriously ripped up or poor dogs – unless seeking medical advice in the interests of the dog.
8. No pictures of illegal activities, unethical or inhumane practices
9. If your content doesn't meet these requirements – then they should stay at home in your own private album.
10. Moderators of this site reserve the right to delete any photo / video content without notice.
11. You are responsible for what you post.

Content and Copyright Policy

All content posted ultimately belongs to you and you retain copyright. You agree not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or you have express permission from the author. Publically shared content under creative commons licensing is allowed.

By submitting your material you agree that OzzieDoggers can use any content (pictures, stories, videos etc) in future promotional material across OzzieDoggers channels free of charge and without authorisation.

OzzieDoggers wants to promote safe, legal, ethical and humane hunting practice of using dogs for hunting in Australia. If you DO NOT AGREE to abide by any of the rules above please PM or Email Admin (Aushunter) to delete your account.

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