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  2. Hi I’m new here just moved up from vic to qld trying to get back in to dogging trying get my 2 sons out the house
  3. Hi, I'm interested in fox/cat control, reloading, have a 222 and exploring possibility of training up a scent detection dog
  4. Hi all, just a bloke who likes to hit the scrub with the dogs and see what we can find
  5. Last week
  6. Making a return to training and working with man's best friend. Looking forward to learning from you blokes. Regards John
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  8. As part of the ongoing review of our operations, the Committee of Management has identified that our original Constitution, adopted when the APDHA formed in 2005, has not kept pace with the changing legal requirements for a representative body such as ours. We believe there are legal holes in the original document which leave the association and the members open to potential challenge from those who would like to see us removed from our role in defending your lifestyle and your future. On that basis we engaged a legal firm, Devenish Law, to review the Constitution and oversee suggested changes. However, nothing can happen until members have their say. We need your support to make the changes necessary to take us into the future, better equipped to handle the challenges to come. To change our Constitution we are required to put the matter to a vote, postal and/or in person with 75 per cent of votes received in favour of the move. The process is required to take no less than 60 days and every member must have the opportunity to vote either by post or in person at an extraordinary general meeting. To help you consider the issue, the old and the proposed new Constitutions will be in one place on the forum for members to read. The details of how to vote have been mailed to the addresses we have on record for all members so if you want to make sure your address is correct contact the office at info@apdha.org.au or call on 1300 364 648. Thanks.
  9. Hi guys, looking to maybe get into it again if I find the right dog, after a fast stag type for foxes
  10. Welcome to the site Scott. Good to see you here mate
  11. Hi everyone, been hunting and breeding dogs for a few years and enjoy seeing and reading what others are up to.
  12. Hello, been gone a while. How are things going?
  13. Hey fellas lost me good bitch got a few pups need training any help on finding new dog/bitch much appreciated
  14. Want to find out about hunting with dogs in Australia
  15. Hi all, new member here, just a quick post to say hi and look forward to making some friends 🙂 cheers.
  16. You love dogs n piggin as much as your old man B-girl??
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