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  1. Gday all, great to see site up and going again...all the best
  2. Had a top stag x bitch that could catch day hares and catch and throat hold foxes. Bailed me a couple of boars over the ton. Caught heaps of cats and rabbits as well. Handycwhen fishing she was a good landing net. She was 24"tts never killed foxes out right and wasnt what id call a hard lugger but she got me results. Id run her off a lead on pigs with another dog hunting because of roos. Ig i put her on a departing boars trail that had a few hundred meters headstart she'd pull em up eventually. Cheers
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  4. [b quote name=grunter hunter' timestamp='1334229814' post='402692]hi everyone i am looking for a bull arab pup Sent from my ZTE T83 using Tapatalk
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