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  1. Would love to hear how these pups turn out. Did you keep any mate?
  2. Any photos mate? They been crossed for a while or?
  3. Cheers mate that's why I always have four dogs lol fortunate enough to have always had 4 ute finders. A mate is getting me a 2yr old collie cross dog that was used for cattle work but kept wondering off finding pigs
  4. I've always had 1 bailer bro. I lost my bitch and her son. I got one of her daughters back who is finding well. My bailer just turned 8 so would like something young to run with her. I've got a 4 month old pup i bred here as well
  5. Cheers mate. I've got a pup i bred here already. I don't think i could handle two pups
  6. Hunting my neighbours place that backs on to a Ariel baited area. Dogs went about 3.5k and got blown.
  7. Hi all , i lost 2 main dogs to 1080 chasing a started or ready to start bailer if anyone knows of anything. Thanks in advance
  8. Not really luck of the draw sometimes.
  9. What if the ppl that hunt around you have shit dogs ? but catch pigs.
  10. Welcome mate , where are you located?
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