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  1. Good to see you getting back into it mate👍
  2. G'day Ryan and welcome back to the game it gets like that at times after a bit of break.👍
  3. I Seen that link on FB it made my blood boil reading the bull crap that bloke from glen innes was going on about. Most will agree with you on this Ned, glad you spoke up and said what you did.
  4. Done, gives you an idea on how involved we are with our way of life.
  5. Go the hounds , when you get a chance whack some pics up .. good to see the kids having fun mine are the same 👍👌
  6. Gday Lozz welcome , I see you have a few dogs, what’s there breeding ?
  7. Welcome back cookie it's been a while since you were on here , things have changed a few times,you may find it a bit hard to get used to but youl get used it eventually 😎 Charles
  8. Hahaha, he will have to come back on himself and we will just put a filter on him lol
  9. Hi peter welcome back hope you can keep up with all the dribble on here. its good to get a few old timers back on site makes things a bit more interesting. Charles
  10. hi there

    1. charles


      Hi how you going? 

    2. iceman


      woundered if u new of the wher abouts of wayne tibbey(awrrd) cheers


    3. charles


      Sorry mate I've never heard of him..

      maybe just post it up on the main forum if you'd like to find him someone would know him ..



  11. No good you got stung in the first mate... Who'd you buy it off? Good to see you got one in the end that's works it would of been sending you mad not knowing why it wasn't working lol. I've had mine fur ages i was using it on my 220 4 years ago and am still using it in my 320 today, once you got it in your unit their worth every cent if you bought it... I done my own so worked out cheap as chips all I had to do is pay for the card. Happy hunting !
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