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  1. What’s a pigging breed
  2. Dad used to n got a mate at Parkes that has one
  3. Very nice style bloke. Where ya from
  4. What were ya competing in with those things
  5. You love dogs n piggin as much as your old man B-girl??
  6. Gday Georgie . Best of luck . Plenty of great advice on here . Just gotta look for it . Im from Toronto area
  7. Yer seen my cuzin dogs do it heaps . I’ve started grabbing them . Holding them and their head till I know they definitely seen the pig then let them go . That way they it’s easier to single out the bigger fellas in a mob .
  8. Yer most large breeds can be late bloomers . As long as you have continued to take him out and not forced him to do something he doesn’t want to he should turn as flick of a switch . Have to be careful he isn’t a dud too . You’ve waited this long I’d see what he does at 2 n half . If not then pet home him
  9. There’s some Kepler whippet pups on gumtree
  10. Welcome dan. What are you chasing mate ?? Plenty of on experience on this forum
  11. Is it just me or the whippet gunna have trouble going threw fences nice dogs but bud
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