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  1. bloody charming, at least we know how you voted I spose
  2. yeah put ya pineapple on the Storm
  3. This is an old thread and the cool kids have moved on ................wok eyed Cats are the go now
  4. 2.2 pounds to the kilo for you young fellas playing along haha
  5. G'day Dean where abouts in WA you from?
  6. Thanks again for all your comments. No I didn't breed them, just collected them after my last lot went missing last year.
  7. Thanks fella's , I live just out of Rocky now but have been getting a few around here not heaps but enough to keep the dogs and me keen. Our blocks out at Emerald have been a bit disappointing this year not really sure why plenty of grain on at the moment, maybe this rain will stir them up a bit. I use Bull Arabs, the photo is a few so the pup has grown a bit since then, but thats the team.
  8. I go to a lot of hunting sites but say very little, but I like the look of this forum so I'll try and get a bit more involved. I hunt mostly around Rocky and Emerald and just love getting out and about. So there it is g'day to you all and cheers for now.........Steve
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