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  1. Nice one. What area do you hunt? What terrain etc? I'd be looking for what locals in your area are using. Find a local that has had success and mimic what there doing... just my opinion
  2. I was a little confused there. All good, just the way I read it I guess. He responded via PM.
  3. If he has been found guilty etc why isn't his name mentioned? About time they start handing out some decent consequences
  4. Who left the back door open again? Welcome back nik 😉
  5. Spent 15 years hunting the area, moved 2.5 years ago but family still down there and keep in contact with a few cane cockys and when they ring I come back for a weekend etc....they been having a fee dramas with people claiming they have permission to be there but don't realise there talking to the owner
  6. Who's the locals you have been with? Welcome to the site... your names not mitch is it by any chance?
  7. Welcome bud, now you have posted a few times you should be able to see the entire forum and be pleased to know there is a sight hound section.... enjoy
  8. http://www.ozziedoggers.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=58659#entry529693
  9. Welcome mate..scrubdog has been advertising a few plates for sale lately on here. Have a look in the classified section
  10. only ever hunted cane,timber and smaller crops with them up until the last 18 months and always caught my fair share. Now I have moved further north I have only been hunting cattle country with the same results. I like my hairy hounds and dont think I would go back to smooth coats anytime soon. I personally belive it has a lot to do with what they are crossed with.
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