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  1. So your pigs over there. Are they domestic stock turned feral like the pigs here in Australia and reverting back to wild boar or are they introduced European wild boar ??
  2. Nice pups but you'd never see me pay that much for a pup 😂
  3. Its also illegal to hunt foxes or rabbits with dogs down there yet how many people still hunt with dogs in Vic. You just need to not use the word( hunt) rather a detection dog or feral animal management and control dog. Maybe environmental protection dog.😁
  4. Your not allowed herding dogs to hunt pigs down there. Says Nothing about herding pigs 😁
  5. Just need to use pig herding dogs not pig hunting dogs. Big difference. Pig hearding dogs round up the pig and hold it in one spot till it can be humanely euthanized.
  6. Look out Peebles. He got aboriginal dogs 😂🤣
  7. It's a pain in the arse thing. If you go to quote someone and then think nah the next time you go to post it's still there.
  8. Show us what you do over there
  9. Not you in drag is it Rod 🤣😂
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