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  1. Cant go wrong with a staghound, but im a bit Biased lol some of my gundogs lines are imported from Pommieland
  2. Welcome!! Where about in CQ you at? Thats where i am
  3. Welcome to the site! im from blackwater, not far from emerald
  4. I merely stated that it was a half expected reaction that he snapped when you went for him while he was backed up under a table. Gee i must find that thread, it was a laugh lol im sure we have sorted things out since then lol would love to see the a photo of his pups when ya get one bale, gibson got into a blue with a dog today, it ran out and attacked him lol my poor teddy bear dog lol
  5. lol yea bek, had to expect a bite when ya say on a forum dedicated to the love of horses that you've fed your dogs horse meat!! Ha ha loved it
  6. bundy looks good. Lol you forgot the word
  7. Hey chick ! Jode Recruite you?? Lol . We will have all of HRO here soon!!! Lol
  8. Welcome to the site
  9. Yeah Bek..The standard dropped once they let you in!!
  10. Aw cute photo of doug! He will be just like his daddy i reckon lol yea bugger HRO! He he. Oi u and me were ment to roadtrip it to Maryborough to cheer bale on in the TP this weekend, was chattin to her about it last night lol but was going to leave your passionpop at home ha ha. Rayden can go when he is older, him and tyler were runnin around the other day at becs with screwdrivers and the dogs saying they were hunting pigs, so cute lol
  11. Lol im the bad mother remember (HRO) lol!
  12. oi i run the show here...the bossmen just dont know it yet ... Lol!! You might of took it then lol you took a few, spewin my laptop is buggered or i would chuck your redneck photo up..or the one of us in our sexy beanies!! Ha ha!! I cant see the photo of doug..he is a good kid, i like taking him, he knows heaps about your land
  13. BullShit andy took the photo! Lol and the lovely one of you lookin like your doin a Shit while your holdin it...let me see if i can find it.. Ha ha!! Im always out of the cage..just not off the Leesh!!
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