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  1. I was up on the Dampier pen for about 6 weeks in the mid of this year ,great place and good friendly people there out the back, great camping spots
  2. No where in particular but i don't like populated areas ,i just travel up the north of wa and nt ,love the country up that way , beats the weather down in victoria in winter lol
  3. Na ,sadly not ,but i usually spend a few months up that way in the dry season
  4. where abouts in WA are you ?
  5. flick me crusty Ya just ruined the whole movie for all of us lol
  6. boodog

    New To Here

    Welcome ben ,what do you hunt ?
  7. boodog

    New From Us

    Cheers ,interesting
  8. boodog

    New From Us

    G'day Shotty Have you had anything to do with Catahoulas ?? If so what do you think of them ?
  9. boodog

    G'day Everyone

    G'day Jimmy Welcome to the site
  10. boodog

    The Perfect Dog

    Back to the original topic A perfect dog I reckon it's a perfect dog that When he thinks he has a 50% chance of catching something but he puts in 150% trying to catch it
  11. Welcome There's another bloke on here that's into sled dogs 'iceman'
  12. Great to hear your back chops