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  1. Mate is that a keg in the last pic ? If so do you need a gate opener ?
  2. Welcome reeeen What crops are you farming ? Your going to need more than one dog to effectively control rabbits,foxes and pigs ,
  3. I was up on the Dampier pen for about 6 weeks in the mid of this year ,great place and good friendly people there out the back, great camping spots
  4. No where in particular but i don't like populated areas ,i just travel up the north of wa and nt ,love the country up that way , beats the weather down in victoria in winter lol
  5. Na ,sadly not ,but i usually spend a few months up that way in the dry season
  6. flick me crusty Ya just ruined the whole movie for all of us lol
  7. Welcome ben ,what do you hunt ?
  8. G'day Shotty Have you had anything to do with Catahoulas ?? If so what do you think of them ?
  9. G'day Jimmy Welcome to the site
  10. Back to the original topic A perfect dog I reckon it's a perfect dog that When he thinks he has a 50% chance of catching something but he puts in 150% trying to catch it
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