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  1. Well howdy boarbabe...nice to see another pighunter on here....and from the hunter valley? wooo hooo me too, look out for Watto at Maccas. LMAO
  2. hey there how are you

  3. hey nice dog u got there..

  4. Hey there Miss, how r u????

  5. hey

    how are ya??? whats been happening??

  6. lol you blokes are funny fellas lmfao

  7. Hi D1cko, welcome. hope you enjoy the site.
  8. Welcome! Love your choice of dog!!!!!!
  9. Yep welcome to come hunting anytime ... Mick

  10. Hi Bustam, so sorry to hear about your dog. Looks like a great dog too. Hopefully someone on here can help you out, good luck. i'd hate to lose my dog and really hope we find the scumbag that stole it. x cheers.
  11. hey its kirlz's Lil bro!

  12. Hi justin . Welcome. You'll learn plenty here. x
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