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  1. Rains been pretty patchy. But at least it's falling
  2. Welcome to the site mate. Cheers matt
  3. I have a 9 inch powabeam and it is the best I have owned personally. I have used blaze lights never really liked it and mate had the light force 240 which worked well. I think I'll save up my clams to buy a hid as my eyes are shot and I struggle to see past my nose at night
  4. Welcome. If you're willing to listen you will learn from some pretty experienced fellas on here. Just keep your head above the bullshit that floats around. Haha
  5. ravensbourne fella hey..... some gnarly big boars in that shit.
  6. where are you from mate???

  7. do you like spaggheti???? i looove it... especially the meatballs.....

  8. i heard you like men... is this true if so please contact me

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