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  1. I had one off Sambar man I’ve had a few dogs over my years and I have been around a lot of gsp and Brittany mine was the worst dog I ever had was a crumpet of a thing as for hunting pigs they tend to run over sent and nose always down on ground pigs would even run across in front of them and they would not he see them I would not go pure for pigs cross yes but there are some pure ones that are good that I’ve herd of
  2. And I don’t know who got the best kelpie going around but I’m sure there some good one out there that breed them Scott would be the bloke to get a hold of
  3. You need to get a pup of Ben barker or Jamie wombat for that country Ben got the best whippet x dogs around and Jamie has got the best size cats I would want
  4. My camp dogs mother pulled this fella up before the 2 bullgrey got there in the mountains not the biggest but the best looking hog I’ve caught
  5. My old cat pulled this fella up in the mountains he was a good hog
  6. I’ve got more I put them up later on all channel country pigs
  7. Think tony got this boy he was huge last sep
  8. Stevo got this sow biggest I’ve seen well over 100 mark
  9. Channel country he was not in the best nick but was big
  10. Crazy is the bloke to get a hold of
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