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  1. Interesting, I wonder if it's similar where I hunt, flat country. I try to observe things but I find the best way to catch a good boar is just put the effort in. Good info mate One thing I've learnt is walking you learn waterholes/camps etc and for this reason I have good success with not getting a dry run lol
  2. How do you know the moon brings sows on heat roonie
  3. Where ya from n don't like bullarabs?
  4. Fk off Aidan we don't need you here haha
  5. Hey feral, you need properties mate. I'm from brissy and went out with family piggin and loved it. From there I moved to work the land to gain my own access as it's hard IMO . I won't take anyone out unless I trust them. My point is if your dog works out and loves hunting and so do you, what's your next step? You need a property. Not having a go just pointing it out as a thing you will need. Good luck with it feral
  6. Howdy and welcome mate
  7. What's on your mind?

  8. Hey mate, i've got no local properties just a couple out west st george way. Need to get my dog working so thought i'd try my luck on here haha
  9. Hey guys. JP from bris, keen dogger.
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