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  1. Welcome to the site. My personal opinion is you’d be a lot better off finding and hunting with someone in your local area or someone from the area your going to be hunting in. Tag along for a few months even a year and get to know what hunting with dogs is all about. You’ll learn what style of dogs are going to be best for the area your hunting. Different breeds/styles are better suited in different country. You’ll have a Great more chance in training a pup off another experienced dog rather then the pup trying to teach its self. As stated above it’s a lot more easier to train one pup at a tim
  2. We like to call it a “past time “around here mate. If pig hunting gets classified as a sport it will fall under a “blood sport “and they’ll soon put a stop to it 👍
  3. Find yourself a local hunter who hunts the same country you do with success and see if you can possibly get a pup out of the dogs they use.id be patient and wait for the right breed from a local rather then getting something from Another area/state ect .Everyone’s going to have a different opinion on what dogs are best. It all comes down to the style of dog you want. If your hunting thick mountain country your going to want a dog with plenty of bite. Be prepared to possibly go through a few dogs before you get the ideal bailer that you’re wanting. Good luck 🐗🐗
  4. Shit mate. My Biggest to date was a fiery 35kg mountain boar
  5. Welcome to the site mate. I remember seeing a heap of good boars you’ve caught over the years on Facebook when I had it. Be good to see yourself posting on here and keeping it alive. Cheers 🐗🐗
  6. Grown up here all my life mate there my local hunting spots. Big change from here to up there mate
  7. Welcome to the site champ 👍 what part of the country are you hunting ?
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