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  1. Female 1&3 still available free to right home had 2 vaccinations and microchipped phone Rick 0428681872 pups located Boomi northern NSW Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Might help if you had a phone number Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. No west is the go ,Western Australia I saw it on one of those DVDs
  4. And my guess is SH is staghound
  5. There's a litter of wolfhound x greyhound on boardogs http://www.boardogs.com/Boardogs_classifieds_pups_5550.htm
  6. Welcome Buddy dont mind hunting a bit of pussy myself mainly old Cougars though , so obviously Pumas are in reasonable numbers or do you get permits to dispatch a certain amount each year.
  7. Tom does your old man still own that farm ,with a pig here and a pig there ,every where a pig .
  8. A hand full of dog pellets scattered over the lawn will soon get him the idea of using his nose if he struggles in the beginning rub them on something that smells a little stronger that he will eat ,chicken works well it soon teaches them what there nose is for before you get them out in the field ,you can then start hiding them as a game .
  9. Welcome Ken Im 47yrs old with an 80 year old body [most of the blokes that have meet me can vouch for that probably even say its the body of an 80 yr old Indian elephant] and yes Cando you can always teach an old dog new tricks Im always looking for ways to out smart the buggers. Welcome again Ken.
  10. Rooter by name Rooter by nature
  11. Shouldnt haver any troubles teaming up with somebody Bully ,Warialda all ways produces some top pigs ,if I was younger and a hell of a lot fitter I would take you up on that offer.
  12. If you took me one more time I could even the spring up for you .
  13. Youve gotta understand love we are very cautious on here after what happened to D wild when he rushes in and took out another new member on here {chickwdick] pretending to be a female hunter ,turns out she was a man eater.
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