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  1. Hay makes the bull fat Cow makes him skinny
  2. first fella isn't the biggest boar only around 70kg from memory but had a great set for the area. 2nd fella was 120kg my old bitch got.
  3. So your pigs over there. Are they domestic stock turned feral like the pigs here in Australia and reverting back to wild boar or are they introduced European wild boar ??
  4. Nice pups but you'd never see me pay that much for a pup 😂
  5. Look out Peebles. He got aboriginal dogs 😂🤣
  6. It's a pain in the arse thing. If you go to quote someone and then think nah the next time you go to post it's still there.
  7. Show us what you do over there
  8. Not you in drag is it Rod 🤣😂
  9. Seems to work around here on young dogs. Older dogs just stay away. Same with pigs.
  10. They will catch you a pig if that is all your after. Most bull breeds will but like others have said there are much better choices out there.
  11. Put ya pineapple up ya arse NNN
  12. No pineapple on pizza
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