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  1. Your about right on the 3rd world stuff cookie it is discraceful. Like a bloke from the city said the other night -if what is happening out your was happening in the major city’s it would be dealt with straight away.
  2. Well since you be getting it by the pallet can you do me a deal?.
  3. You wouldn’t be able to keep the demand up.
  4. Good response Ned, I read that article when it was released.what a crock and it leaves RSPCA open to letigation in some regards with the stupid comments they made.
  5. Welcome jasmine,the person with user name crazy should be able to help with both of those.
  6. Bloody oath good to see, the people of coona looked happy on the news last night.

  7. Happy Birthday ya old fart! Hope ya catch a big old stinker to celebrate.

  8. Its to foggy to do any work, bus trip home from griffith yesty didnt do me any favours! Fukin green cans!

  9. I imagined it would be mate, feels like its goin to snow here!

  10. still got collars mate if ytou still interrested

  11. Family tree goes a hell of a lot further back than that, mate. Will do you a copy all the way back to the Mummery bitches one day

  12. great pics there darell the family tree is great reading too

  13. Yeah brett i got garmin astro mate i cant pm for some reason.

  14. not good about ya dog mate makes you wonder at times about vets,got 24 hogs some real good boars trap a few dingos and i shot a nice rusa stag, so yeah had a ball

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