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  1. no where any old finding dogs we should catch up again go hunting.u hooked power up in sheering shed remember

  2. hay darrel still got rocky i think me and clint went 4 hunt with u at moree few years ago

  3. Family tree goes a hell of a lot further back than that, mate. Will do you a copy all the way back to the Mummery bitches one day

  4. great pics there darell the family tree is great reading too

  5. "I'm a 23yr old mum with 2 beautiful daughters (4yrs and 2yrs) that cant seem to get enuf". My goodness. !@$%* Good to see you Nicky Darrell
  6. Welcome back Wal. Good to see another old fella on here @#)( Darrell
  7. Hi old girl. Good to see you here Darrell
  8. Yeah, OK. The old farts here as well ;D Darrell
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