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  1. Welcome mate, if this is who i think it is say g'day to your neighbour for me.
  2. happy birthday mate, you dont have to lie about your age though. Arent you 48?

  3. Bloody oath good to see, the people of coona looked happy on the news last night.

  4. This is 1 of the funniest posts i have seen on here and i wouldnt have a fukin clue what is going on!!!
  5. Have to agree with Dooley on that one, welcome Wanda! If you need any help putting pictures up dont be afraid to ask will you. We are a helpful bunch.
  6. Happy Birthday ya old fart! Hope ya catch a big old stinker to celebrate.

  7. Its to foggy to do any work, bus trip home from griffith yesty didnt do me any favours! Fukin green cans!

  8. I imagined it would be mate, feels like its goin to snow here!

  9. Welcome, iam sure you'll enjoy
  10. box- wgr operator- S.Ireland location- Lake Cargelligo
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