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  1. Welcome to the site cheers Peter
  2. Welcome to the site . What breeds are in your hounds ? cheers Peter
  3. you name and some one will be hunting it , some even have a couple . welcome to OD cheers peter
  4. welcome to the site ,what type of dogs have you got ?
  5. you can use them where ever you like when ever you like ,just like the rest of the hunters in oz, getting caught is the difference[ but no-one is looking for you ], no-one cares if you do or we would all be in jail.cheers peter
  6. spend some time in the field looking for them,preferably with some one who has a dog that can find,if not continue to keep going on your own,if you can find some on a regular basis that you see you'll have a chance and the dog will pick it up from there .cheers peter
  7. Hi ,welcome to the site,where are you moving to ,in the cape.cheers peter
  8. pines and rainforestand scrub,cheers peter
  9. hi ozman,try kuranda thats where the rest of the locals go,cheers peter
  10. welcome to the site cheers peter
  11. holdem from this site makes what your after cheers peter
  12. it will still be very wet at that time of year, we are having another good wet season ,there will be plenty of pigs but the water will be in abundance as will the long grass,good luck with finding them you will need it cheers peter
  13. where are you from north or south island . I've hunted around the north end of the south island ,marlborough district ,rai valley cheers peter
  14. The hardest thing in life to learn is which bridge to cross and which one to burn.

  15. I'm new to this site just want to say hi
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