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  1. omg those are big thanks for the pics i really enjoy them
  2. yeah that was my first pig for me too dispatch not my first pig
  3. Started off in the cane this morning The dogs went straight off the back into the headlands We ended up in the forest as usual. Soon the dogs began barking then came the best part "The dogs were treed" For 20 mins or more the dogs held the Boar until our late arrival due to battling wait a while With the help of my dad & my matePeter & his trusty dogs Mia & Toby. I despatched my first wild Boar 🐗 I have decided there's "No More T. V for me!"
  4. nice boar guys good job good job to all of you's ill be posting pictures soon
  5. hi guys im new and i will be posting pictures soon
  6. what was the biggest pig you have caught and how
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