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  1. For those who hunt their dogs 5 or 6 times a year i could probably understand . But for those who hunting near ever 2 weeks and presumably these pups may come with a guarantee if sold to people with at least half a brain of the whats whens hows of rearing and training etc the pups i think they be cheap .
  2. Gday 80 . What breed of lugging dog ya after ? Bullgrey --- what breed of bullgrey ? Some consider that bullgrey is bull terrier x greyhound . Others consider bullygrey is bull terrier x greyhound x some others breeds . So what breed of dog ya after to mate to your bitch ?
  3. Nsw does now . Rural Task Force fellas. Special unit of police. Meet a new lot of them and had a yak with them few weeks ago. They no muck around mob thats what id call them . They caught heaps of illegal hunters poachers of all types livestock through out nsw . Doing a dam good job far as i concerned. And their in ACT.
  4. It does . Flushing and pointing dogs only . To prove ya dog isnt is another thing .
  5. Dont reckon that be allowed either . Not allowed to use hearding dogs down victoria. Flushing and pointing dogs only is their rules .
  6. Consulting today with Nicole Lawder office the latest info is that the Amendment will be tabled for Introduced Debate on the 1st of August. Thats not a definite date as it could possibly be changed to a date further down the track . This is good as it gives more time for likes of apdha - sporting shooters - hunting dog clubs etc and the likes to submit objections .
  7. Could possibly end up like victoria rules . Flushing and pointing only . Last i heard those rules still abide and have not been amended . Least flushing and pointing dogs be better than nothin .
  8. Yeah righto well picked up you 2 fellas . ( If dogs get banned ) thats what i posted . What i meant is --- if the use of pig dogs gets banned imo they could ban some of the gear as well .
  9. Your dealing with none logic people mate . There well maybe a clause attached that for example dog breastplates and neck collars get banned from sale as they are part of use in pig doggin . Have to wait see aye . To me it look stupid if they banned pig dogs but its still ok to sell breastplates in same state . If dogs get banned but plate makers can still carry on with their business that be good thing for them at least .
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