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  1. cookie4


    Reeeen this boodog fella be a real good bloke to contact . 👍👍 Pm him aye Cookie
  2. That what whole lot of em do Brad drop things like hot potatoes . Like out this way were i am . They been bullshit bout the river for over 12 months and still nothin done . Today there a massive red alert blue green algae from Bre right through bourke right down Tilpa way . There nothin alive in what ever water left in billabongs. There miles and miles of dry river bed . There Nothin left like wild life . No fish no turtles nothin . People out here are living in worse conditions than 3rd world countries and no c.nt gives a f.ck . Long as the green mob get what they want --- National parks etc and the city people are happy thats all government need . F.ck the farmers the back bone of the country. That fella on video is 1st bloke i heard make any sense at all . When pig hunters get over the Dick Measuring Contest of who catching biggest pig and portrait themselves as being part of feral pig control the better off the pig hunting fraternity will be . If most farmers knew blokes were tearing past pigs to go catch the big boar they get kicked off the place . I know plenty of property owners that would . As young fella i worked with old uncle on place owned by Keith ------. Back then there was heaps pigs . If ya went out and drove past sows to catch big boar ya got sacked . Keith moto ..... kill sows they the ones have babies and they more tha likely full of pig . Kill a boar ya got one pig compared sow that might have 10 inside her . Then ya got 11 in one go . 40 yrs of pig hunting my time whining down now ... ..getting old . Hope you fellas can keep doing it and it dont get banned .
  3. cookie4

    Hunting in vic

    In louth area aye .
  4. cookie4

    Hunting in vic

    Few fellas from vic on this site . Maybe try get to know them aye . Yeah nsw different than vic . I stock contracting in nsw at moment. Nothin about so dry where i am . 12 ml rain over night. Settle the dust thats about all .
  5. cookie4

    Hunting in vic

    Only dog for pig hunting allowed in vic is flushing and pointing dogs . All lugging dogs plus harassing biting dogs are banned. Large fines if caught. Just giving ya the heads up aye .
  6. cookie4


    IMO. Put a young dog with a older experience dog aye. Make sure the older experience dog is not a stand over dog with other others or young dog will be too shy to have a go . Thats what i do . Makes it heaps easier aye .
  7. Nah decided not. Stick to the quad .Dog either side of me , know where they are at all times ,like not falling off and know what they doing at all times
  8. Ill get mate. Good to see the site still going and looking about running smooth. Well so far lmfao .
  9. Either no protective collars or plates. Putting pups on big boars when not old enough or experienced enough. Just dumb shit i hear about all the time.
  10. Back on the site again. Been awhile now . Used to be the hard nosed mod . Some may remember that. After all these years still a real pity to hear first hand hunters still killing through neglect. Being now a old fella and hunted pigs for 40 odd years with dogs happy if i can to give advice. Cheers
  11. cookie4

    New Girl On Board

    zoe just joined the site you blokes want to ruin her the post ???? take it to pm
  12. cookie4

    New Girl On Board

    im sure with that intro you will get flooded with offers from the younger fellas from the site good luck cheers cookie
  13. PM staghound he should be able to help you out cheers cookie