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  1. sent ya a pm with the details enjoy ya hunting havent been for years there but never went with out getting some goats there . try the back fence line just befor dark .
  2. ill help ya out mate ill find the number up of a paid property i have in wentwortn nsw for ya its onley got goats but its a great property for them .
  3. hey robbie hows things going

  4. hey mate hows it going

  5. gooday mate one person here uses kevlar js enterprises its good stuff . pig hunters mum you from robinvaile meny up that way my uncle ownes the case dealership there think its called sunrise ag
  6. welcome to the site tammy i go near mildura sometimes not that mutch there so long drive up for nothing hope you catch a pig on your trip good luck .
  7. i had a look at the site i like the dogs top[ speedy lookin things look strong to what exactly is a lurcher
  8. welcome be good to see ya dogs on the site in the futer
  9. welcom to the site sound like you get around the wright areas for pigs .
  10. hello im slowly workin this new site out

  11. like the sound of the hairy dog both nice dogs
  12. good onya welcome to the site . let us know how ya go with dog ya brought and the pup always interested to see how others are goin inthere hunting . its a great site and hope ya enjoy. robbie caruso
  13. cant wait to see em all work gord mate im still planning the drive up and i couldnt be more exited mate get a bail happening on a good boar a .
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