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  1. This is a memorable one as it was just down the road, an area heavily dogged, I would of walked 100's of km's over the years for not much, then one day this guy crosses the track 15m in front of me on his way back into the mangroves to bed down. One arrow, he died on the spot.
  2. My best bow shot, guessing it was in the 90's but was in poor condition, going backwards....
  3. Haven't been able to beat this one, but I haven't been hunting at night much, scared of the dark....
  4. Put a picture up B dog and get the ball rolling
  5. Get a rescue dog, good place to start if you want a dog to fit in with a family. You never mentioned anything about hunting.
  6. These just posted today http://www.boardogs.com/Boardogs_classifieds_pups_pe1090.htm
  7. I just saw some crumpet put a video up of a piglet with rope tied to its back leg and a pup they are trying to sell jumping all over it and biting it - brain dead, what chance have we got.
  8. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-10-02/dogs-sent-to-darwin-in-response-to-african-swin-fever-pandemic/11567350
  9. I heard when this first was reported it had arrived in Timor that Darwin airport didn't have a detector dog, I did hear soon after that they were rushing a dog to Darwin, so hopefully that is the case to help catch those people out.
  10. Thanks for making the info easy to get, feels like its just a matter of time before it gets here, it will be a game changer.
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