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  1. I just replied to your other post, so thats it for my advice haha, plenty of advice here spiz from blokes who rely on their trackers, welcome to the site
  2. Burners

    Pure bread American staf

    I thought they were the same as a pit?
  3. You've no doubt already worked it out Dylan, hunting hogs in WA is not the same as QLD. I did a lot of leg work when I was there trying to get access to properties, the only way I got on was if I did something for the farmer (in my case welding) and I hunted on my own, they didn't want car loads of blokes and dogs on there properties. Hunting in state forests was not allowed when I was there, I think this is still the case. Just my personnel experience. Good luck looking for a hunt.
  4. welcome back seymore74
  5. G'day NTmoilz, welcome to the site.
  6. Burners

    New To Od

    Yeah I hope so Cactus. My mates Cat gets a bit too keen and has the scars to show it, he recently lost his lugger, so it'll be interesting to see if he backs off a bit on the big boars.
  7. Burners

    New To Od

    Yep, crocs are a problem, I am trying to train the dogs to stay away from water (big ask hey), I carry a lot of water and have them drinking out of a water bottle I carry. This time of the year is the worst, we are making the most of the drying conditions and crocs may have moved into new areas over the wet, where they were not last year. It is my main concern with the dogs. I stay away from known croc spots, but they can be anywhere, I'd rather catch less pigs than lose a dog. Went out this morning with my 2 Catahoulas and a mates Cat, got a couple of small ones, my young dog Chilli has decided she wants to lug - not cool, guess I have to remind her she is a bailer....
  8. Burners

    New To Od

    Thanks Fellas, My dogs came from QLD, private sales, but basically Razorback lines. I live in Darwin and the areas I hunt normally is forest, flood plains, bordering on mangrove swamp, so can get a bit interesting at times, looking forward to the dry season and the country to open up a bit.
  9. Hi All, new to this forum stuff, I'm running two Catahoulas and loving it!