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  1. This is a memorable one as it was just down the road, an area heavily dogged, I would of walked 100's of km's over the years for not much, then one day this guy crosses the track 15m in front of me on his way back into the mangroves to bed down. One arrow, he died on the spot.
  2. My best bow shot, guessing it was in the 90's but was in poor condition, going backwards....
  3. Haven't been able to beat this one, but I haven't been hunting at night much, scared of the dark....
  4. Put a picture up B dog and get the ball rolling
  5. Get a rescue dog, good place to start if you want a dog to fit in with a family. You never mentioned anything about hunting.
  6. These just posted today http://www.boardogs.com/Boardogs_classifieds_pups_pe1090.htm
  7. Welcome codydog, punch Bull Arab into the search engine, you will find lots of history there. I've only had one Arab some years ago, so can't offer much advice. You are on the right track trying to get a recommendation from people who use them, good luck.
  8. I just replied to your other post, so thats it for my advice haha, plenty of advice here spiz from blokes who rely on their trackers, welcome to the site
  9. You've no doubt already worked it out Dylan, hunting hogs in WA is not the same as QLD. I did a lot of leg work when I was there trying to get access to properties, the only way I got on was if I did something for the farmer (in my case welding) and I hunted on my own, they didn't want car loads of blokes and dogs on there properties. Hunting in state forests was not allowed when I was there, I think this is still the case. Just my personnel experience. Good luck looking for a hunt.
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