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  1. I'm way up north QLD mate but if ned says your ok I'd be willing to answer a few questions.
  2. greyhound cross pitbull or bullterrier is a common hunting breed here too.
  3. what bloodline is in the pitbulls you guys use over there??
  4. Nice fat pigs would be nice to eat. It is illegal for us to pen a wild pig and set dogs on it so hard to answer your question. I cross the bloodhound with the pit bull and use them for hunting my dogs don't bail though. I enjoy hearing and seeing how people hunt in other countries I would be interested in seeing videos of you guys hunting with your hounds.
  5. We donated to KAP when funding was being stopped cause of what anning said then they dropped him like a hot potato anyway. I have never even enrolled to vote in my life but think I will this year so I can vote for anning. KAP will still come before all others but they did show how quick they can turn on something.
  6. You'd take a carton for yourself hahaha
  7. Does the white dog bark at all or just annoy?
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