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  1. pig mad

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    Where abouts in nq?
  2. pig mad


    I also had another dog that was too smart for himself just thought he was above the other dogs he would instigate a find and once the other dogs were on the scent he would come back and get on the ute he wouldnt work with other dogs he would walk in with me and lug up when we got there but by himself he would travel over a km on scen. He ended up bailing pigs and expecting me to lug after that his career ended abruptly.
  3. pig mad


    My old Arab would walk beside me when walking creeks or gorges but as soon as he got some scent he would go to work and more often than not he would get to the pigs before the busy dogs did I found the busy dogs once they hit scent they would start racing each other and pushing each other to get to the pig first were as weak would be walking with me all cruisy then youd see his nose go up he'd have a few whiffs and b line straight for the pig and the busy dogs would near always do a large curve travelling further faster and waisting a lot of energy. I'd be more inclined to test him out take 1 of your busier dogs on a lead that you trust as a good finder but hold it back and go for a walk if the dog on the lead picks up the scent and your buddy is still walking all casual beside you shoot the crumpet and let the other 1 off the lead catch the pig and go home to live happily ever after with less food bill.
  4. pig mad

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    They will be white dogs with ginger spots hahaha
  5. pig mad


    They give you internet access in old peoples homes these days?
  6. Was just checking what might slip through while its new they must have knew i was coming hahaha
  7. flicken poofter crumpets i love pitbulls
  8. 8 years old now still same globe and switch the wires in the cab are about to break again from all use. Also found a year ago or so i had the globe in crooked still loving it now its all straightened up bright as you could want it to be...
  9. Hahaha hugs and kisses sweet pea.
  10. That was a bit gay stevo I asked a simple question he answered it so obvioisly did not have a problem with my wording.
  11. flick off jinx. I have a lot of family ex army jj and a sister still in there now. I don't like your chances around Townsville sorry mate I was just down that way last few weeks I think there are more hunters than pigs good luck finding someone that will share. There is a fella on real hunters old boy he is ex army he might know some army guys around your way to help you out
  12. Thanks for your service mate. You wont find much help on here most havent learnt to tie their own shoe laces yet. What is ptsd?
  13. pig mad


    Were you at mate??
  14. Are you joking or what?? I had a lightforce 100watter on roof rack mount shineing it on cattle and could see the eyes shine drove around with my IPF hid's on em and could count the cows 1000 times better than normal light so i got a lightforce HID roof mounted and it out shines the ipf i like the price of the new blazza light (i think that brand) hid's would like to compare them to mine as mine is getting old it is 4 year old still the same globe and switch i love the hid's...
  15. lightforce make a lot of different lights what 1 are you talking about??