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  1. there not common out here English Tom.
  2. hey Simone welcome hope you enjoy.
  3. If u got a bully boxer concentrate on stock proofing and put few pigs infront of it n away u go. Very easy dogs to start on pigs. Hard stockproofing some of them thou
  4. Dont get me wrong Its not the fare dinkum hunter anyone would want to keep out. and the growth of the site would have been much slower. but its not the hunter that is driving the game closer and closer to its end. Though the popularity of hunting these days is one factor. Unforunatly I can't think of another way to check the creds. of potental members or those that lerking in the back ground not contributing. Because its one thing to be a proud hunter and another altogether to feed the bunny huggers in their atempt to suck the blood out off life as we know it.
  5. just some thoughts and we may have missed the boat on this but to cut down on undesirables having access to the site it my be better to only allow invited people as new members. A clean out of old accounts may help start this off. Im a member of several other sites in th USA where this is done and unless your a member you have no idea whats on their site until you are invited to join. It is a bit rediculess that we must be guarded on our own site and as long as it is a free to the public to join site then we must. Ive been a poud hunter for 40 yrs. my hunting has always doubled as feral an
  6. hay mate im ethan im not to far from ya where n what do ya hunt mate? hope ya enjoy the site
  7. family the dogs and hunting thats my prioities despite what the wife says

  8. hayyyyy sorry i didnt get round to it on weekend but ill come service u coff coff i mean ur ute as soon as i can o n im on dads account didnt realise cheers eth
  9. welcome to the site waarhied I also use a pur ridgeback in my pack. steve mac
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