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  1. Don't know mate I'm fairly new as well but don't think lugging pis are aloud
  2. G'day mate can't wate to see your pics
  3. Good mate what's doin

  4. hey shane how r ya. it is clay

  5. She's court 2 20kg pigs put I got to c them 1st and make her see them and if the sent is to fresh see gets over excited and they get away
  6. I need a hunting partner got 2 pups they need too go out with some older dogs
  7. Got a 10 month bully x boxer and a 3 month pointer/Arab
  8. Hi everyone I'm new 2 this I'm just getin in too dogging again hope I can learn some tricks got a 10month old pup and got no old dog to get her going just need some tips
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