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    doggin foxes cats rabbits and hares, fishing, camping
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    1 or 2 jrts
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    Bully grey x stag
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    Absolute bitza whos 12

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  1. Haha hadn't seen a post in a long time haha welcome back
  2. So what dogs ya gonna get then mate to start off
  3. nah i havent mate she's only just starting to den hunts pretty well but only just starting to den so hopefully she getts cracking this year

  4. i see your terriers piper profile.just wondering if you breed from her.she is a good looking bitch

  5. how you doing mate , how it going ,,,,,,

  6. hey mate yeah couple about all young pups so hopin most ppl leave em instead of shootin while there young and easy so i got somethin 2 dog haha fair hike 2 daylesford mate

  7. g day mate how are you?

    my names tom but most just call me cooper. i sore that you were from carisbrook well im from dayeford so not to far away hahaha. just wondering how are the foxes out there??

    talk soon cheers mate

  8. hey all havin used this site before wont let me do much can any1 help me out here
  9. gday signed up a while ago never really uised the sight but im pretty keen get into piggin only ever chased foxes and rabbits really but keen get somme grunters
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