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  1. g'day mate.

    Headed back down to your block at trunky?

    Send me a PM. your inbox must be full.

  2. yeah mate some1 will give ya some proper info soon from down there when they read it just disregard the 1st couple comments
  3. welcome mate how long ya been huntin 4?
  4. hey mate and find some1 with a ground/ute finder and run your pup with them as often as possible on the ground and when your pup has the confidence to jump off the ute moving or stopped then chuck him on the back with the finder and he will pick it up from there if he is going to be any good
  5. all depends once living in the wild for a bit they will smell the same but pigs in a pigery smell alot different to a pig in the wild
  6. hey mate not far from ya if ya ever wanna go huntin with some dogs can work somethin out
  7. depends on the dog sometimes it will make him harder and more determined or could make him softer or not want anything to do with them at all the best dog we ever had wouldnt hit any pig for 6 months after his flogging when he was still young but after the 6 months or so he was full flight into any pig he seen
  8. some young dogs love and can be let hit bigger pigs seen 4 and a half month old pups hold a 50kg boar on its own with out any troubles but also does depends on the pup some will thrive on it some will just sit back and watch until they are ready let them hit what size pig they are willing to but dont egg them into it if they want to have a go they will if not leave it at that and let them watch and learn a bit more
  9. are their names nathan and tim

  10. you will like it alot to read and learn
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