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  1. No Banff...got out of pubs a few years back & went into FMCG sales. At Emerald, I was with Smiths Chippies-company sent me out there to look after territory for 4-5 months. Lived in a motel unit & saw a bit of the country on weekends & a few a the pubs as well.
  2. Yeah..thought I better get around to introducing myself-been piggin' on & off for years. Family had a property west of Dalby back in the 70'/80's. & 45,000 acres at Morven. Went after first pig when young & stupid armed with guns & foolishness in the pre-chiller box days. When work allowed which was managing pubs in the likes of Dalby, Goondi & Inglewood I got into using dogs. Bit ancient now to be running after the meat heads. Last couple of years, I was at Emerald-some big piggies on the MacKenzie out there. Mostly just a excuse to get out of the pub(right side of the bar) now. Looking forward to sharing stories on the site... be well Chops
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