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  1. Way over my head.. Deferred to Staghound.. :-)
  2. Ill have to go back and check.. For some reason i think we may have changed it to 5 posts??
  3. www.workingdogz.com.au there is a section there for stud dogs.. Post an add and see how you go. Free add if you use the coupon FreeBee
  4. LMFAO - worst case of foot in mouth ive seen for a while.. I love it when we get complaints from people with NFI.. Welcome to the site..
  5. Why would i give you any country to hunt? Still have plenty of mates down there and look after them. So your not poaching byfield then?? As that what the first post says.. then you just admitted it was you?? Do you go on the japs /resorts place as well?
  6. Poaching at either place. Stanage Bay Rd would be baiting this time of year - 1/2 the road does it. On the other side you have the army country. They do live fire there so who knows whats laying about. I wouldnt be suggesting running the roads up there - you might come back to find your vehicle has miraculously got 4 flat tyres or there is a cup of sugar in your fuel tank - worse still if your caught on one of the places along there you may have some shots fired at you. Good luck with your search.
  7. not playing your games kids - you flick up your gone...
  8. good idea.. just no time to administer it.. It is probably time for another clean out - May do it so every member that has not posted 5 times at least gets deleted.. I havnt got the time for a vouch system.. People will always find OD when they use google. So no real easy way around it..
  9. Hi Andrew I met you at Glen & Camilla's one day. I have a dog out of your old dog deejay.. out of their best bitch (my opinion) Shiloh..
  10. Try upgrading to the newest version of your browser.. We recommend using Mozilla Firefox - however if you download the latest version of internet explorer the site will be much easier to navigate.
  11. http://www.ozziedoggers.org/index.php?page=sfh A little review on them..
  12. All of these members have been deleted. If you still want to be a member of Ozziedoggers you will have to rejoin and post an introduction.. 2 posts and then you can see the rest of the forum.
  13. just wondering what your plates are made out of thanks mate

  14. Welcome John - What you have written is the image this site is trying to portray. The general public will not see lugging pictures or any other sensitive material. We cop lots of shit from over moderating, but we only do it for the future of our sport. Soooo hard to get through to some thick heads though.. Good to see another like minded hunter on board.. Cheers Wayne
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