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  1. There’s a working gwp & gsp page on Facebook. They sell some good ones .
  2. Do you have a side on photo of him??
  3. Yer nice . I dunno who Nat is or what YT is . having 2 dogs on a pig is pritty spot on in most blokes books . raising 2 pups at once and training then can be a handful . Easier one at a time . Only reason I ask
  4. Just a question why your looking to start with a pair of pups and not just one?? also have you thought about what kind of dog you would like??
  5. Welcome tank girl . Been hunting much??
  6. It’s more pest removal in my books . But that’s just me
  7. Welcome Brodes . Feel free to share pics n stories n have a look around
  8. Well obviously you only need a shit dog to catch plenty of pigs . Sounds like god’s country
  9. Ask around local to where you hunt . Usually where you find the best for where you hunt .
  10. 104 mountain boar . Propper good job from hairy dog
  11. Yer there has been a few blokes breed breed exactly this . Bloke named tonks , and bloke named James . Both had a go at it don’t remember how Tonks went with his litter . james had a bitch called jelly. flickin cracker bitch . Plenty of speed to do foxes , pigs , shit tonne of drive , and good nose . Had the pleasure of watching her work 4 or 5 times . I believe she’s dead now n he hasn’t bred another
  12. What’s a pigging breed
  13. Dad used to n got a mate at Parkes that has one
  14. Very nice style bloke. Where ya from
  15. What were ya competing in with those things
  16. You love dogs n piggin as much as your old man B-girl??
  17. Gday Georgie . Best of luck . Plenty of great advice on here . Just gotta look for it . Im from Toronto area
  18. Yer seen my cuzin dogs do it heaps . I’ve started grabbing them . Holding them and their head till I know they definitely seen the pig then let them go . That way they it’s easier to single out the bigger fellas in a mob .
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