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  1. Yer nice . I dunno who Nat is or what YT is . having 2 dogs on a pig is pritty spot on in most blokes books . raising 2 pups at once and training then can be a handful . Easier one at a time . Only reason I ask
  2. Just a question why your looking to start with a pair of pups and not just one?? also have you thought about what kind of dog you would like??
  3. Welcome tank girl . Been hunting much??
  4. It’s more pest removal in my books . But that’s just me
  5. Welcome Brodes . Feel free to share pics n stories n have a look around
  6. Well obviously you only need a shit dog to catch plenty of pigs . Sounds like god’s country
  7. Ask around local to where you hunt . Usually where you find the best for where you hunt .
  8. 104 mountain boar . Propper good job from hairy dog
  9. Yer there has been a few blokes breed breed exactly this . Bloke named tonks , and bloke named James . Both had a go at it don’t remember how Tonks went with his litter . james had a bitch called jelly. flickin cracker bitch . Plenty of speed to do foxes , pigs , shit tonne of drive , and good nose . Had the pleasure of watching her work 4 or 5 times . I believe she’s dead now n he hasn’t bred another
  10. What’s a pigging breed
  11. Dad used to n got a mate at Parkes that has one
  12. Very nice style bloke. Where ya from
  13. What were ya competing in with those things
  14. You love dogs n piggin as much as your old man B-girl??
  15. Gday Georgie . Best of luck . Plenty of great advice on here . Just gotta look for it . Im from Toronto area
  16. Yer seen my cuzin dogs do it heaps . I’ve started grabbing them . Holding them and their head till I know they definitely seen the pig then let them go . That way they it’s easier to single out the bigger fellas in a mob .
  17. Yer most large breeds can be late bloomers . As long as you have continued to take him out and not forced him to do something he doesn’t want to he should turn as flick of a switch . Have to be careful he isn’t a dud too . You’ve waited this long I’d see what he does at 2 n half . If not then pet home him
  18. There’s some Kepler whippet pups on gumtree
  19. Welcome dan. What are you chasing mate ?? Plenty of on experience on this forum
  20. Is it just me or the whippet gunna have trouble going threw fences nice dogs but bud
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