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  1. You should have access to the sighthound section, we are all in there..
  2. Type "pigtraps" or "traps" into the search area in top right hand corner of the forum and you may get all that you ask for plus more
  3. Very nice hounds mate, make a couple of posts in here and join us in the sighthound section
  4. Welcome Cobb, if you wish to put some pups up for sale check out how to get a Vip membership that will allow you to put an advert up for them.
  5. Welcome, you should be right now mate, just had to do an intro and make 2 posts to see the forum
  6. Welcome Drew- make another post or 2 and get into the forum and have a look around.
  7. Welcome- you'll find alot of people with sighthounds on here will use them with ferrets
  8. Welcome John Mac Id say the 75kg feral was the rare rather than the norm, a domestic gone feral. Most wild dogs/dingo hybrids rarely go over 25-30kg tops.
  9. Welcome Gavin- there are quite a few staghound breeders in Perth. Not many advertise in the papers though. What were you after exactly? There are a few litters due soon but they go quick. If you make 2 posts you will see the rest of the forum. Join in the sighthound section there are a few of us from WA
  10. Hitem hard- Put an ad up in the lost and found section mate, might be seen by more people
  11. welcome mate- where abouts in Oz to you visit?
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