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    Hunting,camping,fishing,Sled dog racing ,Greyhound racing,MMA,rock climbing,surfing,footy.

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  1. hi there

    1. charles


      Hi how you going? 

    2. iceman


      woundered if u new of the wher abouts of wayne tibbey(awrrd) cheers


    3. charles


      Sorry mate I've never heard of him..

      maybe just post it up on the main forum if you'd like to find him someone would know him ..



  2. hi there mate,whats been doing,have you spoken to or no of the where abouts of wayne tibbey cheers

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    2. Mark


      I have a feeling he is not around any more, best off asking ripsnorter that one....

    3. iceman


      ok mate thanks,hope all is well with ya


    4. iceman


      how do i send message sez my inbox full,been ages since i been on here


  3. he looks good mate should do ok,welcome
  4. i was thinking of this x the other day,was thinking of the biggest gaurd dog u could get,and this is wat i came up with,u wanna be carefull cause if u ever get a deerhound thats aggesive,look the flick out.
  5. thank you, please come again
  6. are so this aint ur dog then
  7. what they look like?? they better be good looking dogs lol
  8. hey jobi welcome where about on sunshine coast are u? maybe we can go out one day for lunch or somefin or we can go catch a hog together, have a pinic and roll around in the grass, would be good wouldnt it.
  9. do injoy the site will post some picture soon of our property and dogs
  10. the picture not working damm
  11. Hi all .Just a 1st post so i can see my little picture on side of profile..From brissy area
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