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    Kiwi Hunter

    No pigs in tazzy mate
  2. dayborohunter

    Kiwi Hunter

    Welcome to the site.. All the pigs are in Tasmania lol. All jokes aside mate there are pigs every where but north qld would be ya best bet
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    Welcome to the site mate.
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    We sell them mate and I've been using them the last six months and I rate them a lot better than any of the dc's 30 40 ect. We do recommend long range antenna and aerials and quality covers. With long range they are good for several km easy in most terrain. Feel free to give us a call 0430456683
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    G'day Lads

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    Hi Everyone..its Allen

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    G'day Boys And Girls

    Welcome to the site tassie
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    Hey There Fullahs

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    Aloha From Hawaii!!!

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