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    Daylesford, Vic
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    stags chasing foxes and cats on the stubble and as many decent pigs as I can squeeze in around work!
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    Buster- bully grey mix pig dog. Handy ute finder, handy ground finder, pisses on everything but other than that he's a ripper steed

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  1. I'am a newbie and still finding my way around the running dog site. I think you have been talking about ibizan or part ibizan hounds ? As this is what I have my ears have pricked up.

    1. curliff


      Hi! I haven't had anything with Ibizan in it for a while, in fact my hunting time is fairly limited with one old stag I'm waiting to fall off the perch and a good pig dog I don't have to put as much work into these days. Tatey80 or Scotth would be better people to talk to about Ibizan crosses I think 

    2. wolfwoman


      Thank you Curliff

  2. Whereabouts are you living over here Tom?
  3. welcome mate, you should try importing or chasing up a line that you used to use in the US. They might be worthwhile over here. A local fella here used to have "Walkabout" coonhounds that were quite reputable and came from the states.
  4. True. Join a gun club or something and meet people that way. There may be other women in those circles that way too so you may be more comfortable and most of all safer!
  5. hung as today, footy was gold last night!

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