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  1. hi jp 138 what your saying is rite spending the time out there do in the hard yards pays off. I have not hunted around moree but get out past bourke in the cuttaburra floodout country 2-3 times a year and the moon thing seems the same there anyway happy hunting
  2. hi gator 70 just seen your post I would be keen for a scooner I know a few old school boys down the southern highlands and port Kembla area only been on this site few days drop me your mobile if u wont
  3. hi gator 70 what area north mate id be keen for a couple scooners and chat about catching hogs and live baiting/spinning the stones can u drop your mobile number
  4. hi stud dog the reason I think sows come on heat coming up to the full moon is I breed large white / saddleback pigs have done for 20years and that's when they come on with wild pigs have u noticed when u gut a good boar caught on a fullmoon they all ways have a trumpet full of luvin for u and boars have more fresh scars around that time from fighting over the sows that fighting wheres them out a bit making our job easier but that's just my opinion happy huntin
  5. hi thorneswine I would like to post pictures but I am new to this laptop stuff. in the near future I will post a couple. my lead dog is male 8years old 40kg black and looks like a bandog with a bloodhound /staghound snout 2nd in charge is full white 6yrs old 40kg male looks like a boxer / staghound cross and 2 bitches black/white 4yr old and a black 12 month old both 35kg and look like there dad [lead dog]
  6. hi southern pride the dogs I am running at the moment I call roonhounds haha there from a well known hunters line on the south coast nsw great dane /staghound male .that go back to the early 1990s. crossed with a bandog / bloodhound bitch that was my first dog I got 10 years hard work out of here in the 90s when I was really keen. the pup I have now is 12 months old 5th gen thanks for asking
  7. yeah dave always keen to help just need a bit of information to get u smashing that alpine country.do u have a ute finder. or do u walk in with your dogs and can u give me the dogs ages
  8. thanks misko do u hunt in Victoria or travel north over the border mate. I do a bit around the nsw/vic border south east forest area few times a year. always snag a few when the snows heavy up high pushing them down to the lower country .all u need is a r licence.or a helpful property owner happy hunting.
  9. hi all im41 years old from the Sydney area. been hunting the great dividing range and cape York for 25years. but still learning to use these web sites I have 4 dogs going at the moment that I have been breeding for 5 generations. I really enjoy teaching dogs to ute find in pine blocks and hardwood forests. I have found over the years that the faster I drive in the pine blocks [40-50kph] the bigger fuss your dogs make to bail off the tray. and I only drive slow [20kph] when the scent is low to the ground. rain/heavy fog/snow etc. the full moon plays a big part in catching that elusive mountain
  10. what a mad sport we have been at it 25years but new to the web
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