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  1. Had less accidents on bikes than scooters. I'd love to try out some kind of staghound. Reckon it'd fly ( or do I have a death wish? ) I also reckon a bull arab would be pretty solid for the sport.
  2. Thanks for the welcome It's so cool hearing about everyone's hunting trips. I don't think I've been hunting since I was about 10, used to go and try shooting rabbits from the back of my uncles car. Was never a good shot though. Here's an example of dryland racing. Small teams use the scooter like I am. 3 dogs and above use a custom made 4 wheeled rig. This is the only dog I have at the moment, She's a pedigree siberian husky called 'Esky' She also competes in weightpull events. The distance of these races isn't very much, about 2.5-3.5 km for single dog teams.
  3. Hey I'm Ash from SA, I'm probably here for a different reason than other members, I've joined up to research a couple of pig dog breeds with the hope of expanding my dryland racing team.. (not that one dog qualifies as a team). I don't think a pig dog is that crazy of an idea, some of the best mushers oversees have some pretty interesting crosses similar to those used for pig hunting. Also I kind of like the idea of having a dog that has boundless energy and is bred for Australian conditions, might give me a bit of an advantage being able to keep fitness up during the off season. I run a husky at the moment, and anything above 15 degrees is really far too warm for intense exercise. If I can work out how I'll post a picture as it's easier to show what dryland racing is than to explain it. Hope to hear from some of you
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