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  1. bull arobs arnt soft i just said mine went like that hes now 5 and seen his fair share of good boars.he is a great finder just works great with something a little more bent would be a great dog for somewhere they dont get chased everyday he bails great. he hooks on after another dog because hes gotten smart which some people love, i dont hunt in the open bush where any dog just about gets them and for the bull grey they dont just lug cows the fulller i got em off had a few problems as they were a proper bent bread just looking at them u can see that. sorry if i offended some.
  2. just incase yas miss understood iv hunted all my life pretty much n lost 1 dog the 1 that got something stuck in his guts, the breeder of the bully grey dogs died in different ways the only good ones i knew of, been looking ever since, none around here so i thought id try on here.
  3. Thanks stevo, yea i looked through nothing really around fark hard to find all the breed of mine had died pretty much from the breeder i got him off luggin cows fights ect, they are bent but good dogs brought up correct. mine was luggin at 6 months old finding around a year stedaly getting better n better no problems with cows had cows a home, he was 18 months n died in the vets with something stuck in his guts farking unbelivable haha, got a decent bull arob that used to lug flat, still finds them great but he has gotten to smart n bails biger pigs n where i hunt its no good because they dont pull up,need another bully grey
  4. I want another bully greyhoud. i hunt mainly cain, need a hard hitter that doesnt think twice so they pull up, pup would probably be prafered as i dont like paying top dollar and like teaching them my self. Any offers
  5. Dont want em real greyhoundy would rather a little more bull if anyhing, bully braines anyways
  6. Hey gday i hunt in the ingham district mostly cane my name is clint. Looking for another decent bully greyhound as they r the best dog to have, any offers
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