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  1. My biggest to date. Farmer called up my mate at 10am and said he saw a good boar heading to a small scrub area from a dam. We left work early and hit the paddock at 3:30pm and caught him maybe 1km from the dam. Took 3 dogs to pull him up. This one was 131kg from memory and he almost killed one of the main dogs. 2 experienced bitches caught him in a lantana clump. This one was 135kg. The same two experienced bitches found him in a forage paddock, took them about 15 mins to actually find him as he was laying doggo. He headed straight for the car and missed it by 1m, went about 250m past before they pulled him up. Never weighed this one due to location and a severely torn up dog. But I am guessing 130+. We took the back legs and they were 18kg each. Shot this sow on my deer block. She was 111kg dressed, but fat as flick. I'm guessing she had a splash of domestic in her but no idea where it came from.
  2. Would love to see that. Be a laugh I reckon haha.
  3. How did he go finding mud crabs? Did he grab them or just signal to you?
  4. You started him on mud crabs? Roos and turkey? Like as in food wise or?
  5. Good on you for getting a rescue dog. Seen a couple turn out to be crackers from the pounds. Hope yours does the same
  6. You'll be right mate. Plenty of good fellas on here to have a yarn with
  7. I'm moving to Qld soon. If i've got somewhere to go that isn't too far out of the way we can go for a look. And yeah, no such thing as a season, just good times of year and better times of year. Haha
  8. howdy. Who do you work for down in Bega? Is there Much to hunt down that way?
  9. If you're coming through the Mid North Coast drop me a PM
  10. Hey mate. Whereabouts in Indo do you hail from? My mrs comes from Lembongan. And I know theres a few wild pigs on the surrounding islands.
  11. G'day mate how is the moving from Tassie treating you? Ever get into any pigs in Tassie? I would have thought there'd be pigs in the springs. Have you got a large cal rifle? Shooting camels would be great fun.
  12. You are brave. I tried that with my bullygrey once and I ended up face down in the dirt
  13. Probably be able to get some cheap pups if you wanted off here to. Hope you enjoy the site and our culture. We all love working dogs of any type so another opinion from a different area is always appreciated
  14. Just buy a tray mate with removable sides. Much more versatile and easy to work with! Welcome to the site, you'll enjoy it here
  15. G'day mate. I just moved to Newcastle. I do everything outdoorsy. Into your fishing much? How old are you?
  16. Just get out there as much as you can mate if theres pigs there your dogs will learn soon enough. The SFP is close to having enough members in WA to start running the the elections there, if you haven't already, sign up and it could ensure you'll be hunting and your flicked gun laws will be altered if you get blokes into Government
  17. Not too much getting around in Victoria compared to NSW mate maybe look at relocating haha. If you've got a trade behind you you shouldn't have a problem getting onto some country mate if you work out west. Another good place to line up hunts is the pub if you aren't a shy bloke. Works for some doesn't work for others. Cheers and good luck
  18. Hello Lindsay buddy pal my friend i have very great deal for you my friend. I am from telstra. I am just calling my friend to inform you that you has very great problem with your dog my supervisor in Nigeria tells me it has feline-itis my friend. Pls enclose your bank details so i can rectify the estate in question and wire funds to your account.
  19. Hello Lindsay how are you? You sound like an awesome person... Would you like to chat with me? My real name is Micl...
  20. Go HID and don't go above a 9". I had the Powabeam 11" HID and my god you could spot pigs from miles away. Useless for roo shooting as it moves too much unless you will always have a 2nd person in the car to hold it for you. Get a Nigheater they are worth the coin
  21. Haha funniest thing I have read in a while.
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