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  1. wont be long now eh, big horse will be swingin.

    he had a few chews and showed some aggression towards that lil one last night.

  2. theo was barking and biting last night brad got some photos

  3. coupla pics up in the gallery of Grizz Mate.

  4. How Goes It Mark ?an How Is Theo? His Brother Grizzly is Goin Great Guns! Happy Huntn Mate ....R

  5. wats up chicken strips theo lugging yet?

  6. Updated first post with a couple pics! Cheers
  7. Yeah I'm fairly new to the game. There has obviously been a whole big shit storm with regards to Bull Arabs in the last yr or so. Im not really interested in getting into the politics of it all Im open minded enough to give him and his dogs a fair go (far to many nay sayers around), leaving the other BS to those with too much time on their hands. I will say that to date my communication with MH has been good (phone calls/emails), and at the very least he speaks his mind, which i appreciate (easier to comunicat at this level). Certainly i felt i would get the kind of dog i wanted from him and a lot of what he said resonated with me (with regards to the dogs). And this is all im really concerned with! Cheers
  8. Cheers Guys, The pup is still a few weeks off and prob a 6-8 month wait before i get him out with the others! I can put some pics up when he arrives. I'm not gonna get into all the BS between Mike Hodgens /Peter Paulson /Brian Neal etc. I have read MH's site back to front and seen the other side posted around the web, In the end I felt Mike was at the least very passionate and came across as more genuine. So i went for a dog i think will be right for me (that being a bigger dog and shorter range finder)! I wanted something a little different too and should be getting one of the new blue leopards (merle gene from dane some generations back in the BA bitch). Its going to be a big impresive dog by the looks of things. There are some photos of the litter on his site if you wish to have a look and various merle colored dane photos on the net if you wanna get an idea of the coat on an adult dog. Cheers, Mark.
  9. Hi Guys, Just introducing myself to the website/forums. My name is Mark, i've just moved over to WA from Adelaide for work. Living out in Byford about 1/2 hour from city on a couple acres. I have a new pup on the way soon, a Bull Arab from Mike Hodgens. It should be an excellent dog. I will be heading out with the boys on as regular basis as i can. Mates here have a couple dogs each, all finding of the back of the ute so will be good training for the expected pup. Mainly joining so i can join in on discussions related to gear, dogs and hunting related equipment. I will be needing a new breast plate. Cheers UPDATE: (Photo's @ 10 weeks old)
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