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  1. just ordered a good line pup will be interesting see if was as good as my cross ones ?
  2. i heard lee pain has used wirehaired in a cross now ? can anyone confirm this ??? cheers
  3. have used lots of straight x wirehaired some of the best dogs i have owned . they would find pigs and go a long ways out to get a pig . as angelo said use nose and not see pigs but in saying that i had dogs that hunted from oberon to cunamulla and my dogs would be gone and good dogs left on the ute . have been in the pilliga scrub my dogs go yes a long way but got pigs left good dogs on the ute ? not everyone's cup of tea a good one will track find and go but pigs caught compared to dogs that cant go the long yards . and yes can be cranky but hey seen a lot of cranky fight type of dogs kelpies and cattle's are no different . had a good jagged terrier that would show a pit a thing or two ? have seen a line of stag that would kill hunt and well savage to any dog that backs up to them ?
  4. have a look at kobnko kennels as well real nice style and good blood lines as well
  5. are they legal to use on deer jc ? have some weird crazy laws on what ya can use ? liz mcormick had some really good style long legged jacks and hard if she still is in the game ? her family had some really good terriers and running dogs .
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