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  1. Yeah well you can thank all the poaching theiving crumpets for that ayy...
  2. Lol survey done yeah a lot of that coin is poured into remote locations also which is a good thing
  3. Yeah cool mate it's endemic from there it is a a carnivorous snail so a bit out there 1 of only 4 found in the world I think.
  4. Yeah ok well good info, I can see there is a few hoops to jump through by the sounds of that. There is a black snail in there thats endangered, I've long suspected feral pigs ain't helping its cause, evidence is possible, but getting a scientist to do a study I wouldn't know where to start.
  5. There are a few different endemic critters getting around the otways national park that would be getting a pounding from the feral pig population. It's an area where imo aerial shooting baiting and trapping programs would be close to useless that might be an angle to work with fella.
  6. I know it's prob not the best time with all the A.C.T shit atm but, Is there any chance of getting dogging reinstated in Victoria? Even bailing dogs I could provide a fair bit of evidence of feral pig damage and trail cam photo's ect. Just wondering if it's an issue thats been explored by the A P D H A I am a member btw
  7. I don't have any whippet Xs sorry Ken
  8. Welcome to the site throw up some pics of your dogs, hogs ect.
  9. You got a photo fella? What are your plans for her? Welcome to the site.
  10. No one will help you down here, it's every man for himself... you're on the right track though I'd be going a bit further than paddys swamp and find some thick BlackBerry and you'll be into them in no time, There are no easy pigs down here. Goodluck
  11. Just drive around any of the local forests with your dog on the back of the ute, I guarantee if it's any good you will catch pigs in any of them.
  12. Are you stalking them with a rifle?
  13. Welcome Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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