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  1. Hi, my name is Andrew, I'm 29 and I live up in Home Hill, Burdekin area. Hunt sugar cane. Been hunting for the past 9years, last 4 have been with a mate on this site (Hunter). Currently have 4 adult dogs. My main hanging dog is Deisel, 6year old Wolf/Arab/Pit. Hangs hard! 35kgs working weight. Good honest dog. Ace - is a 2.5year old Wolf/Dane/Stag X Wirehaired Pointer. 45kg working weight. Good young dog, learning the ropes. He got a couple of fines, bails, hangs when another dog gets there. Kye - she is a Bully/Boxer type (not 100% on breeding) but really good nose dog. 3.5year old 25kg working weight. Fines, bails and hangs. Sash - she is a Bully/Kelpie X. 20kg 4year old. Good finder/bailer loves chewing nuts! And finally I have an 11month old pup from Deernbull. Mother purebred AM Bulldog X Greyhound/Boxer. He's thrown more to the greyhound. Good natured dog waiting to get him out in the field as I have been stuck in Brisbane for the past 6months waiting for my first kid to be born. Happy Hunting!
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