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  1. Hey, Names Nikky, used to be on the old forum many moons ago, be good to see who is still around!! Thanks!
  2. Yessss........ theres quite a few Megs, myself included. Quite a few that show up the guys on a regular basis too.. nikky
  3. Welcome to the site Darren, Heard you've got some ripper pups on the ground at the moment.. RJ said they look awsome, perfect for the local huntn conditions.. Names Nikky, Im RJ's other half take it easy and happy huntn.. Nikky
  4. (-)(-)


  5. Hey matey, glad to see ya on here, hows the renovations coming along?? Nikky >?@#
  6. hey, did they say whether she'd have probs later on with feedin pups? Nikky >?@#
  7. ^&: ^&: ^&: ^&: ^&: ^&: DUDE!!!... How did u pull up afta our long weekend hey?? Great to see u onboard.. cant wait for some of ur pix.. Hows liz going? Nikky
  8. Yeh what about us chicks hey???? Nikky >?@#
  9. ^&: ^&: ^&: ^&: ^&: ^&: ^&: ^&: >?@# Nikky
  10. ^&: ^&: ^&: ^&: ^&: ^&: nikky >?@#
  11. Welcome tess, its great to see another Chick hunter,,I'd love to help ya out, show ya the ropes but im in NQ..... As Bow Wow said i love my huntn, as do my 2 girls. (dont want them being prissy little cows later on in life). I've been hunting for around 7yrs now on and off. I do have a Male Crew i hunt with, but im waiting on my pup to get more experience and i will be hunting mostely by myself.. Some people dont like us sheila hunters, STUF 'EM!!! but hey we are giving it a go, loving it and helping CULL the wild boar that is destroyin out beautiful country... Nikky >?@#
  12. Hey dude, ^&: ^&: ^&: NIkky >?@#
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