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  1. I'm in the southern suburbs of adelaide just off the beach.
  2. blue boar, thanks for that it would be great. I've got school holidays coming up might try to get up there.
  3. right, thanks for that, i could have been walking for a while then . goats i like goat but where to go. ive got make some contacts but everyone is so secretive i cant find anywhere.
  4. Hi im a bow hunter in SA and wanting to stalk some feral pigs and goats anyone now a good place in West Vic or South West NSW
  5. hi all. well im all new to the hunting game, i haven't even been out yet. ive been wanting to get my gun license and rife for years but since that loony went off in tassie they have made it hard to get one not to mention expensive to keep one. So i thought i would save my pennies and get a hunting bow instead. i got my new Compound bow in april and i have been practicing a my local field archery club. Now im itching to go!
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