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  1. Welcome Gavin, What is the breed of these Scent Hounds called?
  2. good to hear hear abot your cats mate, welcome.
  3. where abouts in CQ are you located mate?
  4. What's on your mind?

  5. rain rain , go away....

  6. is that like colo on the putty, i used to love swimming there when i would pass through. i never caught pigs there but heaps of bunnies.
  7. welcome to the site and good luck with the big move.
  8. 11 goose pups have arrived, the legend lives on.

  9. nah mum dont watch that sort of thing. im done with those movies you lent me you can have them back now....lol
  10. good to see you on here mum. im sure you will like the sighthound section. im not sure if anyone else will share your love of afghans though, but at least you and i know what they are capable of. welcome.
  11. Hey guys my name is jarrad and i catch pigs in NQ though i grew up chasing bunnies and foxes in nsw with my whippets and ferret, so i love chatting about sighthounds. Ive got a wolfyXboxer that is coming along well and a old blue eyed hound of some description that goes alright. catch you all later good hunting
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